Make your data have an immediate effect

Get more with less by using a comprehensive BI platform to create a single source of truth, discover more valuable information, and translate it into impact.

Create impactful reports faster

Unlock the full potential of your data using next-generation AI tools with Copilot in Power BI. Describe the information you need or ask a question about your data, and Copilot will analyze and extract the right data in a report, easily turning the data into actionable insights.

Centralize your data in a secure and trusted hub


Easily create data sets from any data source and add them to the Power BI data hub to create a single, accessible source of truth for all your data.

Gain actionable insights with visuals

Turn your raw data into compelling visuals with industry-leading, AI-powered data analysis tools and an accessible drag-and-drop reporting canvas.

Turn insights into impact across all teams

Turn information into decisions faster by embedding information into the apps you already use, like Microsoft 365, all while protecting your data.
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