We empower businesses to realize transformative outcomes by bringing their data to life.

When properly unlocked, data becomes a living and trusted asset that’s democratized across the organization. Through our Intelligent Data Management Cloud™, companies are driving better business results and creating a competitive advantage.

Informatica Features

Open and Flexible

Built on industry standards, this cloud platform works with any reference architecture.

Multi-cloud and Hybrid

Supports the cloud model that best suits your business for migrating on-premises data.

Low Code, No Code

Avoids the risk of custom coding with the power of AI and machine learning in one solution.

Best of Breed

Provides an industry-leading unified data management cloud with best-in-class solutions.

Consumption Pricing

Offers predictable and flexible pricing that adjusts to just what you need.

Components of the solution

Powered by CLAIRE®, our AI engine, it’s the only cloud dedicated to managing data of any type, pattern, complexity, or workload across any location—all on a single platform with a simple and flexible consumption-based pricing model.
Intelligently scan metadata to discover and understand your enterprise data. .


• Data Catalog tools for AI-powered data discovery
Find, understand and prepare your data with intelligent data cataloging and metadata management.
• Automate data discovery, curation and lineage
Give more meaning and relevance to your data assets with metadata-driven discovery, inventory and preparation.
• Connect and catalog your data assets
Automatically scan cloud data stores, BI tools, ETL and third-party data catalogs.
• Easily curate and prepare your data
Use automated domain discovery, data similarity, associations, and recommendations.
• Automate end-to-end data lineage
Track data movement from system- to column-level for detailed impact analysis.
• Measure and optimize your data value
Use Data Asset Analytics to understand assets, enrichment and collaboration.
• Understand data quality and relationships
See your data quality rules, scorecards, metrics and profiling stats in context.
Access and integrate data at scale using elastic and serverless computing.


• Cloud Data Integration for Cloud ETL and ELT
Ingest, integrate and cleanse your data with a market-leading, cloud-native ETL and ELT solution.
• Faster, simpler, and more affordable integration
Link source and target data with thousands of connectors that recognize metadata, making it easier to run complex integrations.
•Feed cloud data warehouses and lakese
Ingest data with high-performance ETL, mass ingestion or change data capture.
• Reduce overhead
Integrate data on any cloud with ETL, ELT, Spark or a fully managed serverless option.
• Efficiently integrate apps and APIs
Integrate any application, whether it’s on-premises or SaaS.
• Transform vast amounts of data
Process petabytes of data up to 72x faster within your cloud ecosystem.
• 50K+ high-performance, metadata-aware connections
Connect with any type of data, anywhere, including today’s most popular cloud applications.
Connect your applications and automate end-to-end business processes.


• API and Application Integration: Built for speed
Drive intelligent hyperautomation with industry-leading iPaaS.
• Radical productivity at the speed of now
Use AI-powered hyperautomation for iPaaS with any user, any pattern and any data to increase business agility.
• Codeless API and Application Integration
Simple, logical interfaces and connectors eliminate the need for complex coding.
• One platform, one UI, one set of tools
Use one drag-and-drop UI for integration, API creation, event generation and more.
• Intelligent Business Process Automation
Empower fusion teams and business technologists to automate the world.
• 50K+ high-performance, metadata-aware connections
Connect with any type of data, anywhere, including today’s most popular cloud applications.
Deliver consistent, trusted, and governed data across the enterprise.


• Data Quality: Deliver fit-for-purpose data
Drive your most critical business initiatives by working with data you can trust.
• Delivering high-quality data for everyone
Proactively cleanse your data from many sources and keep it clean by extending data quality to your stakeholders, data domains and applications.
• Enable fast data profiling
Perform continual analysis to better understand your data and detect problems.
• Standardize data quality
Integrate data cleansing and standardization, address verification and more.
• Use prebuilt rules and accelerators
Reuse common data quality rules across any data from any source.
• Drive data observability/strong>
Understand the health of your data with monitoring, tracking and alerting.
Innovate with 360 views of business data and trusted intelligent insights.


• Cloud-native, AI-powered Master Data Management
Use the only SaaS solution with all-in-one capabilities to modernize master data management.
• Accelerate your digital business
Connect data across the enterprise for a contextual 360-degree view and insights with intelligent master data management (MDM).
• Comprehensive capabilities
Get integration, quality, enrichment and governance in one cloud-native solution.
• Modern user experience
Increase self-service with business-oriented user interfaces and automation.
• Broad connectivity
Integrate and share master data anywhere using low-code/no-code development.
• AI-driven match and merge
Get advanced, AI-powered match tuning and rule recommendations.
Data intelligence to govern, protect and democratize your data.


• Data Governance: Delivering trusted data
Be confident your data is consistent and reliable.
• Fuel your business with data intelligence
Deliver measurable value for the entire organization by empowering your teams with trustworthy data.
• Govern your AI and analytics
Access trusted insights with integrated governance of data and AI models.
• Unite business and technical views
View your data holistically by linking technical metadata with business context.
• Support integrated quality
Get reliable insights with integrated and automated data quality capabilities.
• Democratize your data
Share more data by empowering your business with a data-sharing marketplace.
The industry’s only cloud-native, AI-powered solution for data sharing.


• Cloud Data Marketplace: A better way to share data
Find, understand, trust and access data with the only cloud dedicated to data management.
• Democratizing data for everyone
Power more data-fueled insights by delivering data sharing at enterprise scale to your business and beyond.
• Democratization of data and AI
Publish AI/ML models and data pipelines in consumable, easy-to-request packages.
• Transparent data delivery and usage
RTrack data from order through delivery and monitor usage, timing and purpose.
• Multi-marketplace capability
Deploy multiple marketplace entry points to support different data communities.

A Leader in three Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ report

Recognized for Data Integration, Data Quality and Master Data Management* (MDM)
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